Saturday, July 15, 2006

Writers Needed

Hi yall this blog is in preparation for the 2009 World Baseball Classic. You see last year, as a person who grew up a diehard baseball fan in the U.S. and also lived 8 years as a baseball fan in Korea, i noticed that the commentators or sports writers didn't have the first clue what was going on with teams like Korea or Japan and every other non-U.S. team, I assume. So I started this blog as a deep information swap site where people from different countries like Cuba, Mexico, Korea, and Japan can give the inside scoop on whats really going on in those countries. How they'll fare, who to watch, etc. Team Korea's captain JB Lee is my cousin, btw and I've played some baseball in Korea so I knew what those guys were about- solid fundamentals that are probably the best in the world, and keeping their cool for better performance. I've seen them train hours everyday since elementary school. I knew that Myunghwan Park is their ace, not Chan-ho Park, before he came up and showed off Maddux-like control. I knew that Hee-Seop Choi had nothing but youth and potential on Seoung Yeop Lee and that the slugger will blast one everytime he gets a chance. Just things like that and more... insider stories... like how BK, J Seo, and Big Choi were on the same high school team and how Choi once took underclassmen and beat the shit out of them. etc. So I need writers with the inside scoop, Americans, too. contact me at or leave one.